Biggest Bingo Wins

Bingo is among the most common exiting game as long as gambling is concerned. It is fast and surely it requires very little skill to be among the world best bingo winners. It is a source of fun and great way to relax and make some money. The question is how much money can you make from Bingo? Below here are some of the best bingo winners in the world.

Job Centre worker becomes a millionaire

John Orchard ,60 years of age of long Sutton ,Lincolnshire was able to win 5.9 million pounds, the world’s biggest ever bingo win after placing a bet with just 30p on a Batman film of the Dark knight, which is a video game based slot. John Orchard was regularly playing the butlers bingo website before his amazing win on a wheel of fortune category game on a Sunday morning. Mr. Orchard said that he could not believe he had won that big amount of money, my life will change completely, . I had a future of working for more five years at the job center but not any longer.’ He waited until the huge amount sinker to his accounts and resigned the job.


Soraya Lowell

This is a lady from South Lanarkshire who joined the list of millionaires by claiming a win of 1.2 million pounds on February 2008. This is the second biggest win in U.K and it is recorded in the Guinness book of records. Soraya chose to share her winning with her neighbor. Unfortunately her neighbor dies few days after the win, also soraya files bankruptcy by 2012.

Businessman who won a huge price

The businessman name is Georgius M a great business man who won a prize of 5.1 million pounds in 2009. There is very little known about this great business man and his huge bingo win which he makes it to be secretive. However in 2012 he won a title of among the world biggest win in bingo.

Donna chapman

This is a lady who managed to base 50000 pounds on costa Bingo sites 100,000 pounds in Massive Mel 100k pounds game. The game was unique and everyone who participated was assured a share in 100,000 pounds prize so many people played. Donna chapman managed to call bingo first on 75 ball game and won the huge amount of 50,000 pounds jackpot.


Stacyp7 one million pounds winner.

Stacyp7 is from wigan where she lived with her husband and two children in temporary accommodation. She was playing the game which is known as Gods of Gold when she scooped one million pound. She says that she never expected a win, when she looked at the screen she thought it was a notification that someone else have won, unfortunately to realize that she was the winner. Stacy said that the win would really change her life “I am going to buy a home and a car and help the family, no more buses for kids.

Nicola 16

She says that she never wins anything but lastly, after playing bingo, she become a lucky winner of 13000 pounds by playing the game Nightmare on Elm Street slot game.