Bingo Playing Tips

Well-seasoned bingo players know their way around the game. But it is the beginners who tend to become bewildered without proper guidance. The following pointers will help first timers get in their groove.

Arrive early

It is common practice for regular players of the game to arrive early at the hall a minimum of one or two hours earlier before the session begins. This gives them sufficient and ample time to gain access to their favorite seat, grab essential snacks, prepare their cards, set up their good luck charms, gossip or play a game of rummy with other regulars.

Be prepared

Remember to bring glue sticks or tape as it serves as an ideal solution to tackle slippery tables. Slippery tables are often a headache especially when you are trying to focus on your cards. A simple roll of adhesive tape or glue stick should solve such issues.

Sit close to the caller

The faster you gain information, the better it is. By sitting near the caller, it provides you with the opportunity to sneak peeks at the next ball popping out of the chute. Don’t worry; this is acceptable, so feel free to take advantage of it.


Stay alert

Tend to stay on your toes as if and when you cover the pattern on B-7 but don’t yell out bingo before the next number is called, you are to lose definitely.

Keep your wits about you

Certain bingo halls are known to serve alcoholic drinks along with a regular assortment of refreshments and snacks. Remember to enjoy in moderation as alcohol can impair your judgment.

Speak up

When you identify that the caller is just whizzing through numbers, or you are playing too many cards, do not be afraid to call the caller. Sometimes the caller can be new on the job and would like to get the game over quickly as possible. If you are confident you can play six faces with ease but have issues keeping up, do not be afraid to speak up.


Know the rules

When and if someone gains a bingo unfairly, that is when the player does not call bingo out loud enough for the caller to stop the game but are awarded the money anyway, citing rules of the game can prevent such mishaps and could mean you are gaining the chance of winning and ending the game.

Get some exercise

Researchers suggest that exercise helps them become sharper increase ability to concentrate. The seat spread caused by excessive bingo snack consumption can be effectively tackled by exercise.